Bee Packages

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Italian Bee Package – 3 LB


Our Italian Bee Packages are from one of the oldest and most reliable suppliers in Georgia.


After careful inspection we load the bee packages and transport them in a refrigerated truck, non-stop back to Massachusetts, stopping only for fuel.

Bee Packages are ONLY available on the following dates (No Deliveries – Pick Up Only):

  • Trip #1: April 1 (after 12 noon) and April 2 (SOLD OUT)
  • Trip #2: April 29th and 30th (SOLD OUT)

Interested in buying more than 5 Bee Packages?

Contact us about a volume discount. 
  • Your package bees are delivered within 24 hours from Georgia to our Uxbridge, MA apiary.
  • Our enclosed climate controlled truck assures no transportation stress from wind, rain or overheating.

After you take possession of your bee packages, we are available to help diagnose any problems or concerns with your hive and provide a solution while your colony grows and expands. We offer coaching by phone, text, email and/or in person for those who are close to central Massachusetts.


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