Queen Guarantee

Our success rate is very high considering the number of packages bees we sell annually. We receive a lot of positive feedback on how well our queens perform. But, our success rate is not 100%.

When it comes to package bees, occasionally, the queen supplied may have an abnormality resulting in the need for replacement. It’s very rare, but, it happens. Sometimes it takes time to figure these situations out….

If you are new to beekeeping it is very important that you have a mentor to make early observations. Promptly communicating to us that you need a new queen is strongly encouraged. Having a functioning queen is one of the most important components to a successful beehive.

Instead of purchasing a replacement queen we guarantee correct functioning of a queen for up to 60 days after you pick up your package. Even after 60 days if you are sensing something weird with your queen contact us ASAP.

Hopefully, we will have a quick solution.


Cell/Text: 214.537.6664