New to Beekeeping?

Beekeeping is challenging for beginners. Let us help you get started!

As a new beekeeper, it can be very challenging because of the amount of information that you will need to learn. Beekeeping is very much a hands-on learning experience, but it’s good to learn the basics of what beekeeping is all about before you get started.

Get Started Locally!

If you are new to beekeeping the best way to get started is to learn the basics by participating in a Bee School offered by a local beekeeping association near you, or online. Many bee schools also offer remote learning through Zoom meetings.

Local associations will also benefit you by introducing you to other local beekeepers and their regional practices. Learning this way is inexpensive, and provides a high level of personal attention and we highly recommend it! You will have many questions when you are getting started. 

Whether you are new, or you have a few years’ experience, it’s important to stay current on beekeeping practices. It is a constant learning process.

Learn Beekeeping from other local beekeepers

Interested in Bee School?

There are several online bee schools available if you are unable to attend a live bee school. These programs offer the same basic information that you will cover in a traditional bee school. For more information about the programs we recommend, contact us.

Get Personalized Bee School Recommendations

Learn from an online bee school

Online Bee Schools

Online bee schools are usually offered through a university, with classes being held online. Much of the curriculum is through videos you watch, and do not offer live, personal attention. Tuition is typically more expensive than a bee school offered through a local beekeeping association. 

Personally, I recommend both, although not necessarily at the same time. I think both offer unique benefits and provide different ways of learning all that you’ll need to know. 

– Dave Lewcon 

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