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At Dave Lewcon Apiaries, our goal is always to provide the highest customer service possible.

Dave Lewcon Apiaries

Dave Lewcon Apiaries maintains one of the larger apiaries in Worcester and Norfolk counties with an average of about 120 hives. Other than being a honey bee and queen supplier I am primarily a honey producer along with some pollination services for local farms and orchards. I also provide hive maintenance services.

Other than receiving numerous certificates for hive management and queen rearing I was the recipient of Worcester County Beekeepers Association 2018 “Beekeeper of the Year” award.

Dave Lewcon Apiaries

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A Reliable Source for Queens

Mother Nature plays a major role in the availability of queens. Queens supplied throughout the season are from a variety of suppliers including myself and other local associates. Queen rearing is very dependent on weather conditions in the region they come from. Every year is different.

Because of demand most of the queens that I sell are Italian but I often have Carniolian and Saskatraz queens available. On a few occasions I have Russian hybrids. If I don’t have a specific variety that you are looking for I usually know a possible source locally.

In early spring there is a strong demand from beekeepers to split their hives. Demand for queens, at that time of the season is not even available locally. My early queens are from Georgia, northern California, Hawaii and sometimes Oregon.

As the season progresses late spring and summer queens are from local northern sources in addition to northern California, Oregon and sometimes Hawaii. A popular source of queens is northern Vermont.

I am always looking for good sources of high performing queens. My mentor has always told me that, “a good queen is a good queen”. I receive good feedback that the queens that I sell are excellent performers. But, if any queen is underperforming I will replace it with hopefully the best queen that you have ever had.

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