Buying Package Bees from a reliable source is the first step to assure successful beekeeping.

From the moment you browse our site to the exciting day you pick up your package of bees, our goal is to support you every step of the way…

You may be an experienced beekeeper…. or you may need guidance to get started. Either way, our bees are guaranteed to be healthy and we are committed to support you in the fulfilling art of beekeeping.

Expert service, dedicated to quality.

Our bee packages are from one of the oldest and most reliable suppliers in Georgia.

After careful inspection we load packages (up to 600) and transport them in a refrigerated truck non-stop (except for fuel) back to Massachusetts.

We are the only package bee dealer in the northeast that transports bees in a climate control truck.

Paying By Check?

No problem! Please fill out our Order Form and send completed document to lewcon@charter.net. You will be Contacted within 48 hours to confirm your order and collect payment.